New shapes, sophisticated materials and labour-saving solutions for the Tess kitchen with no handles on any units. An innovative model, with refined good taste and rationality as its core concepts. Gloss lacquered plain door, periwinkle blue SCAV160.
Of the new, trendy colours available for Tess, red is definitely the one that most effectively underscores its character and personality. It is a gloss lacquered red, which highlights the modernity of the highly functional, technologically perfect features and unique style of an elegant kitchen with genuine prestige. Metallic lacquered plain door red SCAV139.
Tess with white gloss lacquered doors, in a gulf arrangement with “Slim” extensible table (metal frame and tempered glass top) in the centre of the kitchen. Even with this traditional layout, the kitchen still has all the qualities and characteristics of contemporary design. Gloss lacquered plain door, white SCAV003.
A broader range of furnishing ideas, and materials for a sophisticated, high-tech overall effect (wood, glass, aluminium, steel and quarz) transform the kitchen into a living area, open to the rest of the home and great for entertaining. Plain mat laminate door, dark oak SCAV 641.
Tess, an open, live-in kitchen, interprets the latest cultural and other trends relating to food and its rituals. The peninsula fitted with burners takes centre stage in creating and sharing unique, personal events. Gloss lacquered plain door, blue RAL5002.
Personal taste can be followed to the full in the choice of colour, because Tess doors come in a wide assortment of shades. The large storage units retain their minimalist, essential lines; tall units with internal fixtures that make this kitchen exceptionally convenient. Gloss lacquered plain door, porcelain cream SCAV042.
The Tess version with Foscari Oak mat laminate doors and Steel work-tops, with the island incorporating the work-surface, the sink and the hob in a single block. Around it are units with a place for everything that’s needed. Base, wall and larder units, and rest-on units with shutter doors, equipped with useful accessories. Mat laminate plain door, foscari oak SCAV 623.

Кухня в Красноярске. Кухонная мебель в Красноярске. Стол для кухни в Красноярске. Scavolini Tess. Решения, обеспечивающие функциональность, технологию и дизайн


Кухня в Красноярске. Scavolini Tess. Решения, обеспечивающие функциональность, технологию и дизайн

Кухня идущая в ногу со временем, с актуальными решениями, переплетающимися с современным стилем жизни. Высококачественные материалы, техника последнего поколения и совершенная организация создают возможность общения и самовыражения. Вы можете купить эти кухни в Красноярске уже сейчас

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Кухни в Красноярске. Scavolini Tess