Chromed metal finish handles for the strictly working area (the kitchen as such), where the zone with the key equipment (the hob, sink and oven) also becomes a focus for socialisation.
The range of wall cupboards with tall and larder units can feature open units and shelves at the ends, forming the ideal link between the kitchen and living areas.
An attractive room that concentrates the equipment and functions of the kitchen as such in the cooking and washing counter and the range of cupboards with tall units. The staved doors of the base and wall units are in Corylus Oak. While those of the tall units are in Prestige White and the shelves and wall claddings are in Airforce Blue.
A "room" that interacts with the living area on all levels. This composition with plain doors (the base and tall units are in Bole Oak, the wall and open units are Ivory gloss lacquered and the worktop is in Absolute Black Okite) is highly functional. The most eye-catching item is the counter/table that forms the third side of the gulf.
The gulf layout with Mink gloss lacquered doors and Iron Grey gloss lacquered shelves and wall claddings is sophisticated and full of light.
The island is an independent item within the Open programme, for placing anywhere it is required. Complete with hob, sink and suspended hood, it is the undisputed star of the new domestic stage and is designed to be a work-surface, a snack-top and a storage feature all in one (one side has pull-out baskets)
Composition that eschews glass in favour of wall units with all doors in Dove Grey lacquered Oak. It also features a different type of handle (in chromed finish metal) and Bronze colour laminate worktops.

Кухня в Красноярске. Кухонная мебель в Красноярске. Стол для кухни в Красноярске. Scavolini Open. Креативная и многоцелевая серия мебели с новым подходом к дизайну дома


Кухня в Красноярске. Scavolini Open. Креативная и многоцелевая серия мебели с новым подходом к дизайну дома

A sophisticated combination that unites the pleasures of cooking and entertaining, activity and relaxation. OPEN by Scavolini is a creative, versatile furnishing programme
for a new approach to home design, where the boundaries between living and working areas are blurred. The design solutions of an ideal, unrestricted kitchen that blends impeccable practicality with comfort and prestige, flexible use of space and a contemporary atmosphere are all extended into the living zone. This is achieved through
a vast range of simple, elegant elements that also contains storage peninsulas and islands, partitions, bookshelves and compositions specifi cally designed for living areas.
In the OPEN project of kitchen + living zone, full use is made of these opportunities for compositional freedom and customisation. Вы можете купить эти кухни в Красноярске уже сейчас

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Кухни в Красноярске. Scavolini Open