Grates, railings and handles are the items that most intensely reflect traditions. And yet it is the wood that plays a starring role in this kitchen: solid wood for the door frames and veneered (or glass) for the central panels. Green SCAV268
Classic Italian furnishing pieces are the cupboards, designed to contain your treasures and, today, also to integrate the new generation of electrical appliances. The cupboards in the Madeleine kitchen are produced in different depths and with a corner composition they can create attractive furnishing solutions. Yellow SCAV088
The new version of the Madeleine kitchen in Walnut (solid Toulipier Walnut for the door frames and Italian Walnut veneer for the central panels) exalts the classic-traditional appearance. There are wall units with central grates or glass panels (made of molten glass with decorations in relief) as well as delightful wooden midway units to be installed under the wall units. The tops are made of the new Travertino Pompei laminate. Walnut SCAV689.
Wood finishes, grid doors, wood rails, glass with decorative insert, figured wood handles. Features and details that reflect the quality of this "basic" kitchen, which offers outstanding convenience: roomy, well-organised storage, tough, spacious worktops and appliances of the best makes. Chestnut SCAV 643.
The chimney hood, the hob, the oven and the other traditional kitchen features become true design items with structures and tops in "Amalfi" Decorceramica. Chestnut SCAV 643.
Exceptional modularity is the dominant concept in this composition with roomy base and wall units where everything can be arranged rationally, always to hand. Another wall carries the medium height larders with glass-fronted pull-out baskets and integral oven. Chestnut SCAV 643.
Corner compositions give continuity and create a pleasantly cosy atmosphere. But the feeling of security and familiarity is generated most of all by the different types of wood finish used on the units. Meanwhile, the end units further "define" the kitchen in terms of good taste and elegance. Chestnut SCAV 643.
White Ash Butter Scav 743

Кухня в Красноярске. Кухонная мебель в Красноярске. Стол для кухни в Красноярске. Scavolini Madeleine. Элегантная, семейная, сильная, как кухни прошлого времени


Кухня в Красноярске. Scavolini Madeleine. Элегантная, семейная, сильная, как кухни прошлого времени

Кухня Madeleine продолжает очаровывать своей подлинностью. Эта классическая модель ассортимента Scavolini Basic, спроектированная сначала со створками из древесины каштана, а сейчас имеющаяся также в наличии со створками из ясеня (окрашенного в зелёный и жёлтый цвет) и со створками орехового цвета. Эти версии мы здесь и представляем. Таким образом, увеличиваются возможности, подчёркивающие качество этой традиционной кухни: доступная базовая модель, которая, однако, как всегда отличается прекрасными эксплуатационными характеристиками и содержанием. Вы можете купить эти кухни в Красноярске уже сейчас

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Кухни в Красноярске. Scavolini Madeleine