Essential shapes and geometric volumes for a kitchen space that becomes the heart of a modern home. Style and colours (Mink for the glossy lacquered doors, Ivory for the glossy lacquered elements and the glass wall units) favour formal rigour combined with maximum functionality.
Glass for the kitchen and glass also for the living room, which extends its habitability with a modern style. The sides, doors all feature Ivory polished glass. The open modules have a glossy lacquer finish in the same colour. The Aluminium groove, the leitmotiv of the entire project, allows to easily access compartments and drawers.
The refined geometries of the wall units of this solution accentuate the rational and contemporary nature of the LiberaMente kitchen. The wall units have Cream Porcelain glossy lacquered doors and are 103 cm high, as are the two open elements made with Decorative Nuance Larch. Plenums and voids, contrasting colours and tops with different heights make this kitchen - airy and open to the rest of the house - unique.
The aesthetic value of the elements is associated with perfect functionality and well-organised storage capacity. Refined aesthetics, technology and rationality go hand in hand also in the larder units. In the composition with Decorative Voile Larch, one of the available larder units has Aviation Blue polished glass sliding doors.
The multifunctional space that can be fully enjoyed, the LiberaMente kitchen, with a corner design featuring base units and open elements made with Decorative Biscuit Larch (the wall units are made with Matt Seagull Grey and the Lichen Green tall units), becomes the pride and joy of the house and the ideal setting for domestic life.
A rigorous and yet attractive geometry for all the solutions of the composition with base units and tall units made with Decorative Shantung Oak and Titanium Grey polished glass for the doors of the wall units with glossy lacquered shelf and back panel. The same finishes are also used for the sides.
The Prestige White glossy lacquered kitchen outlines a separate “centre of the house” that still interacts and communicates with the other areas; a composition enhanced by an essential design, concealed functionalities, a pure colour and lots of light flowing in.
Counters fitted with hobs, sinks and integrated tables can outlines spaces by giving them a strong character, as this composition with a continuous development shows (kitchen and living room in the same room), which also features latestgeneration electrical appliances (squared Laguna hood and multifunction ovens).

Кухня в Красноярске. Кухонная мебель в Красноярске. Стол для кухни в Красноярске. Scavolini LiberaMente. Многогранный стиль


Кухня в Красноярске. Scavolini LiberaMente. Многогранный стиль

Строгие линии, чистые формы, структурное совмещение с гостиной и остальной частью дома. Функциональные решения, созданные в поиске максимальной свободы компонуемости элементов. Идеальный синтез кухни «LiberaMente» тесно переплетается с практичностью, переосмысливая в современном ключе уютную семейную атмосферу.
Отличительными свойствами кухни являются  первоклассный дизайн, минималистский внешний вид, ввиду отсутствия ручек и наличия пазов для открывания створок, открытые модули для огромного количества комбинаций, элементы жилой комнаты и большой выбор расцветок и видов отделки. Возможности сильной марки, позволяющие отвечать индивидуальным вкусам и создавать неповторимую обстановку кухни.

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Кухни в Красноярске. Scavolini LiberaMente